B&G GmbH Apparatus and container construction in Siegen
B&G GmbH Apparatus and container construction in Siegen

About us

The company B&G GmbH was founded by Sascha Gött and Heinz Peter Bohn and takes us to Freudenberg North Rhine-Westphalia. Our team consists of employees who have all worked in apparatus and tank construction for many years.

Each and every one of them has learned their profession from scratch and over the years has developed into a true expert in the field of welding technology and the completion of plants, heat exchangers and vessels of all types and sizes. Our product range covers pressure vessels and apparatus of all kinds, complete plants including piping as well as general steel construction components. Whether the components are small or large, light or heavy, round or angular, our production variety is subject to almost no limitation.

B&G GmbH Apparatus and container construction in Siegen

Success as a team

B&G GmbH is backed by a responsible team that delivers 100 per cent performance in top quality. Taking personal responsibility is a matter of course for each individual. Problem solutions and ideas are discussed within the team to ensure a smooth process. Our team cultivates a friendly, honest relationship with each other in which trust is also an important factor. Because we are only strong as a team. Modern workplaces and safety at work are a matter of course for us. Only friendliness, competent action, reliability and always being ready to help can prevent forest fires.

As a small to medium-sized company, we attach great importance to good teamwork. That is why we enable our employees to further their education in every respect in order to complete their know-how. On the other hand, we have an open ear for ideas or suggestions for improvement. Our employees’ own initiative is an important component for the smooth running of the work in the team. Only in this way can a highly professional performance be achieved.

B&G GmbH Apparatus and container construction in Siegen

Our services

Our services include the processing of stainless steel, structural steel and fine-grained structural steel.
Production and assembly are carried out by qualified welding personnel in accordance with the relevant regulations.
The acceptance of the manufactured apparatus and containers is carried out by TÜV-Rheinland, LR, BV, etc.

Structural calculations according to AD 2000, ASME Section VIII Div.1, DIN EN 13445

Analytical calculations (FEM)

Construction in 2D and 3D

B&G GmbH Apparatus and container construction in Siegen

The best choice

Why us?

  • We always fulfil the requirements placed on us to your complete satisfaction.

  • We are up to the demands or expectations on their part, in every respect.

  • You benefit from our many years of experience in apparatus and container construction.
  • Because we work very precisely and the time recording is honest and accurate.

  • Because our employees are highly qualified and have all the prerequisites to easily adapt to all project requirements.

  • Because we are also flexible when it comes to project changes.

  • Because after contacting us, you will receive an answer from us within 24 hours.

  • Because we are there for you even after a project has been completed.

What makes us so special

  • We work with the latest technology.
  • Our team is motivated and well trained in every respect to meet all requirements.

  • We are flexible in the execution even in case of project changes.

  • We are always available for you.


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