B&G GmbH Apparatus and container construction in Siegen

Construction and manufacturing

The design and production are entirely geared to your needs. You will not receive standard products from us. Each project is planned and manufactured entirely according to your individual requirements in outstanding quality. The planning and manufacture of pressure vessels, pipelines, plants and plant components made of steel and non-ferrous metals as well as steel constructions of all kinds is carried out exclusively by B&G GmbH Apparate und Behälterbau. We are constantly working on further development in this field in order to be able to open up other areas of application in the future.

Structural calculations according to AD 2000, ASME Section VIII Div.1, DIN EN 13445

Analytical calculations (FEM)

Construction in 2D and 3D

B&G GmbH Apparatus and container construction in Siegen


B&G GmbH offers you an overview of the certificates required for the manufacture of high-quality apparatus and containers. It is certified that we have the necessary equipment for proper production and the technology required for this.

Quality requirements:
Qualified welding personnel
Supervisory and testing personnel
Qualified joining processes

The necessary operational facilities are available for the manufacture of welded products.

B&G GmbH Apparatus and container construction in Siegen


We prepare detailed documentation already during production. As a rule, all relevant test reports, plans and acceptance documents, such as declarations of conformity, X-ray plans, drawings, calculations, etc., are included with the delivery.


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